ADELAIDE Genital bleaching

An extremely popular treatment, genital bleaching helps women and men to feel more confident, which can enhance their sex lives.

What is genital bleaching?

Genital bleaching aims to remove dark coloured tissue in the vulvar skin or the perineum in a permanent solution for discolouration of skin, uneven skin tone and this is for women to not feel insecure.

Using a Fractional CO2 laser treatment, intense pulsed light, genital bleaching and skin peels can be achieved by reducing pigmentation in the anogenital region. There are also skin products to further reduce pigmentation post treatment.

While discolouration is common for many people in their vulva or perineum, it can sometimes be caused by underlying medical issues, such as eczema or psoriasis.

Sometimes age or childbirth can alter the pigment of the vulva, which can cause it to become darker than the rest of the skin.

An extremely popular treatment, to obtain skin rejuvenation for your genital bleaching helps women and men to feel more confident, which can enhance their sex lives.

Fractional CO2 laser treatment work in lightening the genital area : Skin Lightening Vulvas and Vaginas

After a numbing cream is applied, the expert staff at  Eve On 21 will clean the skin of the affected area with an antiseptic solution like dissolving injection before using a CO2 laser to resurface the skin.

This procedure removes the melanin layer, lightening the skin and enhancing the look and colour of the area.

In the post-operation period,  Eve On 21 recommends special care to be given to care and hygiene of the area, and it is recommended that sexual intercourse be avoided until about 3-4 days post treatment.

After your treatment, you will notice a difference in the colour of the genitals, which can help improve confidence and self esteem.

What you Need to Know : Is laser treatment harmful for vagina?

Laser skin treatments, whitening procedures or laser vaginal area can cause atrophy of one’s Vulva. This may also lead to dryness, excess sweating, hair loss, painful intercourse and incontinence from urine loss and side effects most likely to be headaches and migraines. However experts in Eve on 21 are proud to be the leaders in innovation and technology, with a fully-equipped clinic that allows clients from all over Australia access into what’s new for their health and rest assured all procedures guaranteed safe.

Even on 21 Genital Bleaching Treatments and Services

Some people are born with perfect skin, but for the rest of us there is always room for improvement. The goal in any sort  of skin rejuvenation treatment and lightening the skin should be two-fold: first and foremost to remove any signs or damage from your skin; secondarily we want you looking young again by restoring its natural radiance! Also covers but not limited to:

  1. Treating Acne scars and acne treatments
  2. Vaginal Bleaching
  3. Anal Bleaching and Vaginal lightening


Not just bleaching but Eve On 21 offers a range of minimally invasive and enhancement cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, nose reshaping, acne treatments, cheek enhancement, tattoo removal, anti-wrinkle injections and lip enhancements. For your Genital concerns 

Why Choose Eve on 21 as your Genital and other skin care treatments?

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Some women are ashamed to admit they have dark skin in their most private areas like needing vaginal lightening treatments, vaginal bleaching, anal bleaching, treating acne scars, vulva lightening or any treatment to lighten and obtain vaginal rejuvenation . 


Gladly an Intimate bleaching can be the safe and effective way  through cosmetic procedure of lightening those zones, regardless if you’re male or female as well young or old!

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If you are interested in genital lightening, speak with one of our fully qualified team today to explore your options and begin your treatment.

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