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DOT Therapy - CO2 Fractional Laser

The CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fractional Laser is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment used to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and acne scars.

What can Laser Therapy help with?

Facial laser resurfacing treatment can assist with reducing open pores and pigmentation while improving skin texture and blotchiness. As well as helping with facial issues, laser dermabrasion also rejuvenates the neckline, hands and more delicate areas such as the eyelids.

Who can best benefit from the CO2 Fractional Laser?

Fractional CO2 laser therapy is a great way to rejuvenate your skin. This laser skin resurfacing technique works with a range of different skin types and conditions including:

  • Sun damaged skin, including severe textural changes
  • A variety of surgical or traumatic scars, as well as acne scarring
  • Wrinkles, including those hard to manage deeper wrinkles

How does the fractional laser work?

The CO2 Fractional Laser uses a device that delivers a laser beam which separates into tiny dots of light, penetrating the top skin layers. The laser repairs the skin by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production, resurfacing the top skin layer and smoothing wrinkles and scars.

The majority of patients see an increase in skin tone after the first treatment. Also, you may notice pigmentation marks fade after one treatment, though two treatments may be necessary to see the effects.

How long do results last?

As skin resurfacing treatments are designed to stimulate the production of collagen, you will notice a progressive improvement in your skin. Results can improve for at least six months after your last treatment.

With proper sun protection and good overall health with no smoking, the effects of the CO2 Fractional Laser treatment can continue for several years.

Consult one of the professionals at Eve On 21 for further information to see if fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is right for you.

If you would like to know more about how laser therapy can assist you in obtaining your skin rejuvenation goals, phone our friendly team on (08) 8490 3997.