Labia Majora augmentation, Labial filler, Labioplasty

Eve On 21 offers Labia Majora Augmentation, Labial filler, surgical and non-surgical Labioplasty procedures.

There are many reasons a patient might choose to have a procedure on their Labia Majora.

For some, it’s to improve the look and feel of their labia, for others, it’s to combat the effects of intercourse discomfort, ageing, or other medical issues.

At Eve On 21, we offer Labia Majora Augmentation, Labial Filler, surgical and non-surgical Labioplasty procedures as part of the many treatments provided by highly skilled practitioners.

Labia Majora Augmentation is a procedure for the Labia Majora (the skin areas on either side of the vulva), which corrects the “deflation” of the area caused by ageing due to a continuous loss of fat and change in skin quality. Labial fillers can be used to increase the volume of Labia Majora.

Procedures can also be performed to reduce the size of enlarged Labia Majora, which can be a result of significant weight gain or weight loss.

How can Labia Majora Augmentation, Labial filler, surgical and non-surgical Labioplasty procedures benefit patients?

Weight loss, ageing, childbirth, genetic predisposition, and professional cycling may change the shape of the Labia. This can sometimes affect women’s confidence to wear particular clothing, their ability to undergo physical activity such as swimming, or riding, and enjoy intimacy. Furthermore, their self-esteem, physical health and mental health may be impacted. Fortunately, surgical and non-surgical labioplasty can assist women who are concerned with their appearance, or associated symptoms, of their labia.

Eve On 21 aims to provide the highest level of treatment and advice. Their dedicated team is available to consult with you about your queries and concerns.

Eve On 21 can safely and skilfully perform your Labia Majora Augmentation procedure.

We tailor our treatment to each individual situation ensuring every patient receives a personalised experience where they feel valued and unique.

We offer varied options for each patient’s situation, and we will work with you to help you decide which treatment best suits your needs.

Our surgical and non-surgical Labioplasty procedures, such fractional CO2 laser (Dot therapy), in addition to our Labial filler and Labial Augmentation, are performed by highly skilled and experienced physicians who are dedicated to their patients’ health and wellbeing, as well as getting the best results and outcomes.

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