IPL Hair Reduction

Many women who visit Eve On 21 are proud of the hair on top of their heads, but embarrassed by excess hair on other areas of their body. When that embarrassment lowers a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem, our specialists are ready to help.

What causes excess hair growth?

There is no such thing as a normal amount of body hair. Most women develop what is known as peach fuzz, fine hair that develops above the lips and on the chin, as well as on the arms, abdomen, chest and back. The most common triggers for excess hair growth include:

  • Adrenal Gland Disorders
  • Excess Weight
  • Hirsutism
  • Hypertrichosis
  • Medications

What solutions are available at Eve On 21?

Our experts recommend highly focused, intense pulsed light (IPL) energy as the best solution for removing unappealing excess hair. It is a highly effective treatment and one that causes only minimal discomfort to patients.

At Eve On 21, we treat patients with Ultra VPL, an exciting new breakthrough in effective hair removal. It wins our top choice as a professional hair removal treatment because it emits light across a range of wavelengths, allows for a more gentle treatment and pleasant patient experience and may be used on virtually all skin types.

With many options for hair removal, you may wonder why Eve On 21’s experts recommend Ultra VPL treatments. We like it for the same reasons our patients do:

  • Precision
  • Speed
  • Predictable, Permanent, and Pleasing

How to prepare for hair removal

During your preliminary consultation, you will be given instructions that will help ensure an excellent VPL hair removal experience at Eve On 21. Some of those guidelines include:

  • Stop Waxing and Tweezing – Avoid waxing for six weeks prior to treatment. Shaving is acceptable.
  • Say No to Sunning – Tanning of the skin can result in pigmentation changes in the areas you treat.
  • Cut Out the Caffeine – Avoid caffeine for 24 hours before your session, especially if you are prone to anxiety.

On the day before your treatment, shave with a clean new razor. This will help the light locate the follicles. It is important that the razor is clean to ensure that there is no lingering bacteria that can cause contact dermatitis after your treatment.

What to expect during hair removal at Eve On 21

A pre-treatment consultation is necessary so that our professionals can offer you the safest and most effective treatment plan possible. During your consultation, you will be asked questions about your health status and lifestyle.

Your Eve On 21 expert will meticulously adjust the settings on our Ultra VPL according to the location of the unwanted hair, its colour and thickness, and your skin tone. A series of test pulses are performed to ensure that the best settings have been achieved. When that is verified, the pulses continue until the treatment area has been fully addressed and excess hair removed.

What to expect after a hair removal treatment

To make patients comfortable after an Ultra VPL treatment, our specialists provides ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions, and cold water to ease any discomfort. Your skin will be sensitive for the first 24 hours following a treatment and should be treated gently and with care..

After 24 hours you should be able to return to all your normal activities. However, for two weeks after your hair removal treatment, you should protect your skin against the sun and refrain from waxing and tweezing. Only shaving is recommended.

Common risks associated with laser hair removal

Professional, pulsed light hair removal is an effective way to get rid of excess hair on the face and body. The two most common side effects of this treatment are:

  • Changes in skin pigment – Skin that is mistreated may turn lighter or darker after the treatment. This can be a temporary problem or one that persists.
  • Irritation to the skin – Minor redness, swelling, and discomfort may be experienced immediately after a treatment. Most symptoms fade in a matter of hours.

If you’re unhappy with excess hair on your face or body, Eve On 21 wants to help. You can reach us by phone on (08) 8490 3997 during business hours and let us explain how effective and affordable professional hair removal treatment can be.