Rather than surgically removing a patient’s loose facial skin, this procedure suspends it by stitching up particular sections of it.


Thread Lift Adelaide: Eve on 21

At Eve On 21, we offer a less invasive alternative to a surgical facelift with pdo thread technology or through thread lifting procedures.

As opposed to using surgical sutures, the procedure of laser skin, works through polypropylene threads being carefully inserted under the skin and expertly placed in order to correct areas of ageing.

Tightening of the threads aims to lift the sagging skin and restore a youthful appearance, thus improved skin and confidence and self esteem and helping you get back to enjoying your life.

As well as being great for lifting the skin, a thread lifting procedures or facelift will combat aging by stimulating the body’s healing response and allowing stimulating  collagen to be directed to treated areas, which supports growth factors having skin rejuvenation and supple immediate results.

The facial treatment is simple, are very safe, in fact safe from skin cancer and quick, with a normal procedure only taking around one to two hours in total.

Similar to neck lift, a thread facelift has impressive, dramatic results, which are instantly noticeable, so you can immediately start to look and feel great.

Getting the most out of your thread lift

During a day surgery at Eve on 21 and even on other laser clinic, thread lifts are a low-risk and short recovery time if following the procedure that can be combined with other nonsurgical treatments in order to create more comprehensive, noticeable results. We recommend pairing your thread lift for an instant result by having it placed under the skin using instaLift procedures which will then get rid of wrinkles along with sagging tissue during surgery while you’re sleeping!

Ultherapy is a non-invasive and nonsurgical facelifts, and is safe procedure for your skin tissue that can be used to treat virtually any area on the face and neck. The energy of this treatment helps collagen stimulation production in connective tissues beneath skin for natural results you may never have thought possible having a youthful appearance and preventing sagging skin.

Key Benefits of a Thread Lift: Facial Skin Laser Treatment

Showing a signs of ageing. But you want a youthful and refreshed expression, but you also don’t like the idea of invasive surgery. A thread lift or an anti wrinkle injections is an excellent way to get that rejuvenated look without going through all those risks associated with traditional facelifts! Some of those benefits are listed below.

Immediate Results

Days after the procedure, a lift effect can take weeks or months before you see results. Similar to nose thread lift, thread lifting is a very popular alternative because it provides instant improvement, and patients love that they will have tightened skin after their cosmetic procedure with dissolvable type of threads strategically placed under the surface which are then pulled upward to lift up facial contours that enhances facial features.

Quick Recovery

You know what’s better than a facelift? Having one and being able to enjoy your recovery time while still getting back home for lunch, dinner that same day! With thread left over from surgery you can actually go about living life as usual.

Tight, Youthful Skin

Threads: skin tightening can help you look ten years younger. The threads pull your face taut, eliminating wrinkles and giving it an overall smoother appearance while the areas where they are placed enjoy a sharp reduction in lines and furrows!

Lasts a Long Time

Thread lifting or cosmetic injections is a quick and easy procedure, but the results last up to one year. This makes it worth while for most people because they can maintain their youthful look with minimal costs over time!

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Our team of highly skilled, professional medical practitioners will discuss your options with you to help you on the road to looking and feeling your best.

A thread facelift is an excellent alternative to a surgical procedure and is an excellent way to stimulate the skin’s natural healing properties.

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