ADELAIDE labia puff Fillers

What is a labia filler?

Labial fillers or puff treatment are a great way to increase the loss of volume of labia majora -the bigger, outer lips. Loss in thickness and elasticity as we age can cause discomfort for many women who experience it especially after childbirth or through other causes such as menopause when your body begins producing less estrogen than usual.

The labia may change shape and become more floppy, lax or less full depending on the person’s individual preference. They can also hang down past edges of their majora where they act as a kind cushion during sexual intercourse for comfortability purposes.

Discomfort during sex can be caused by a lack of tone and firmness. It may also result in the loss of sensation due to dry vaginal skin, which could make intercourse less satisfying for both partners involved.

Labial fillers are used to increase the volume loss of the labia majora.

Why use Labial Fillers?

As women age, lose excessive weight, or give birth their labia may change shape and become more lax, looking less full and deflated. Loss of tone and firmness of labia majora can cause discomfort because of lost protection from excessive friction and impact, as well as loss of sensation during intercourse. The loss of plumpness of labia majora can also lead to more vaginal dryness of vaginal skin, causing discomfort, irritation and pain during sex.

Women who may be disturbed by the appearance of their labia, or develop discomfort during sex or everyday life, may opt to have labia filler.

Labia filler can create a labia majora that is fuller, firmer, and more toned.

Who may need labial filler or labial laxity?

Who performs Labia puffing procedure?

Any women  are candidate for labia puffing who desire fuller, toned and firmer pudendal lip lines opt to have labial filler

Labial Fillers are an emerging aesthetic medical procedure that have only recently gained popularity. They can be performed by a specialist, but it’s important to note that not all doctors who perform these types of treatments will suffice for you as they’re trained differently and may lack experience on more advanced surgeries like labiaplasty which is what this type of surgery entails.

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How does Labia Puffs - Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment performed?
Labia puffing or labial puff injections is a non-invasive procedure, with virtually no downtime and can be treated at your convenience. At Eve on 21 of Adelaide are experts in labia puff procedure or labial puff treatment and has FDA approved injectable(that will be injected into the labia) made from either hyaluronic acid or poly LsLAc has been proven to plump the labias while aiding in natural collagen production process!
What Are The Benefits Of Labia Puffing With Dermal Fillers?

A labial puff can restore your youthful appearance, making it more difficult for anyone who looks at you to notice that there’s anything different about the size or shape of your labia. A loss in volume or deflation of either one could be corrected by an office injection with a simple filler called “labial puffs.” These injections help close over the labia minora so they’re less visible externally but still present internally where its needed most-in between two legs!

What is ThermiVa Vaginal Procedure and cosmetic treatments?

ThermiVa is a non-surgical procedure for labia and vaginal tightening, rejuvenation. A.k.a cosmetic surgery for your vagina. Thermiva uses heat therapy delivered via radio frequency (RF) waves to promote collagen synthesis in female tissues which cause it shrinkage or thinning out.

Why Your Vaginal Area Is Darkening & What To Do About It

Some people have a condition called erythema nodosum, which is caused by wearing tight underwear or clothing that doesn’t fit properly that leads to excess sweating. Another reason why you may develop this type of dark mark on your bottom could be because everyday activities like walking and sex make the skin rub against itself too much; it can also happen as result if there isn’t enough ventilation. Hormone therapy or a surgical procedures for labia is needed.

What does a clitoral hood reduction do?

Clitoral hood reduction is also a skin tightening but specialized surgical technique which reduces or removes the skin that overlays your clitoris. This can cause irritation and pain, as well as embarrassment for those who experience it in their day-to-day lives!

If you are concerned about your labia and outer would like to discuss our non-invasive options, Contact Eve on 21 and book an appointment now. And we assure you that you’re in safe hands!